Adding a background on my 'Fractal Dragon' by Shannon O'Sullivan

First Session - January 21, 2007

We are finally adding a background to my fractal dragon that she did back in 2003.

I'd taken a few photos over some time ago for her to think about ideas. And when I got there yesterday she had a picture of my tattoo with some purple striping drawn in. I liked the black and purple background coloring that xkurux has on her sleeves, but Shannon suggested doing my background as all-purple. Sort of like wavy wind-bars, but shaded from dark purple to light.

She drew some guide lines with a sharpie and then got down to business. That was pretty painful. It was like a hit-and-run tattoo job. She was just doing a little bit of line work in each area, starting at the oh-so-tender hip bone area, proceeding up to the even-more-tender rib area, and ending in the exquisitely-tender armpit. Yum. It's hard to settle in when she's just doing a little bit in each place and then moving on.

After that, she settled down to do some shading. Then it was all right. The Bactine Trick works well when she's going to be working in one area for a while. Then I was able to unclench and even read a bit from the book I'd brought along. The book was Eat This Book: A Year of Gorging and Glory on the Competitive Eating Circuit. Fortunately, tattoo shading doesn't require me to stay completely still, since I was laughing hilariously most of the time. This is a tremendously funny book.

Overall, it was a good session.

2 hours.

Second Session - March 4, 2007

The second session of purple was a lot more 'to the point'. Shannon just mixed up about five different purples and started shading. The top and bottom of the area she did were pretty tender. The bottom was on the hip bone, and top was on the bottom rib. But in between was all right after a little help from the Bactine. As you can see from the pictures, she did a pretty large area this time.

2 hours.

Third Session - April 1, 2007

I spent some time with Shannon on Sunday. She added some more purple, mostly on my ribs, which was No Fun At All. You can see the oozing blood where she was working in the photo. But I think we will be done in one more session.

1.5 hours.

Fourth Session - May 4, 2007

Two more hours of purple shading on Friday night. But we're finished now. Just one touchup session in about two weeks and we're ready for our closeup.