'Atomic Girl' by Shannon O'Sullivan

First Session - February 5, 2006

This is another pinup-girl piece. This time, it's not meant to be any particular girl. She's just a pretty pinup riding cowgirl-style on Little Boy. The atomic bomb and I go way back together, so it's kind of a sentimental piece in a weird sort of way.

I've seen flash for designs like this before, but they had the girl riding reverse on the bomb, like Slim Pickens in "Dr. Strangelove". I wanted my girl to be riding forwards, sort of like the picture of Cathy on a torpedo at Pearl Harbor.

Shannon drew up the design in one piece. After a little measurement, she copied it and shrank it by 5%. Then she cut it into two pieces to apply the transfer.

I picked this particular spot for the piece because it's not hairy. I hate seeing pinup girl tattoos covered with hair. It just ruins the effect.

The actual tattooing was about two hours. It wasn't bad. There was just a little bit on the ribs, and a little bit at the nose of the bomb that was on a ticklish spot. Aside from that, it was all fun and frolic.

This session was just all the line work. Next time we will start shading. Preliminary plans are to give her black stockings, but her outfit will be red, along with her shoes, nails, and possibly her hair. And she's probably going to get a radiation symbol tattoo of her own.

2 hours.

Second Session - February 25, 2006

Today's session was all shading. The stockings, her outfit, and her hair. We went with the original plan for her outfit, but I decided that she should have blue hair. I just love girls with blue hair.

I also brought Shannon a picture of the Priscilla Test from 1957. This will become the background for the piece.

The first photo shows Shannon holding up the paper towel that she used for blotting excess ink. It looks sort of like a Rorschach inkblot test. The other picture shows the tattoo at the end of the session.

The actual tattooing was only about 1 1/2 hours this time.

Third Session - March 25, 2006

Today was the bomb. Shannon shaded in almost all of the bomb, as well as finishing up details on the girl. She added some detail shading on her body, touched up her hair. She also colored her eyes and nails blue to match her hair. Next time we will be finishing up the tail of the bomb and starting on the background.

1.5 hours

Fourth Session - April 22, 2006

Today we finished shading the bomb and started on the background.

The tail of the bomb was shaded in just like the rest, and it wasn't too unpleasant.

Shannon is going to do the background with little or no black outlining, which should suit it well. So today she just did line work in the lightest color that appears in the image. Darker colors will be filled in later. Of course the rib area was fun as always.

At the end, Shannon also filled in a little more detail on the girl, adding some red to her lips, and adding some more little shadings on her arms and body.

1.75 hours

Fifth Session - June 4, 2006

Today's session was all shading on the background. Shannon started with the black, filling in the outer portions of the mushroom cloud. Then she moved on to some brown, and then orange.

At the start, she put on some topical lidocaine that she had, which seemed to help a bit at the start. And of course, the Bactine trick helped once she had gone over the area once.

The photos show the area at the start. The second photo is when we took a short break at the mid-point. The third is an 'action shot'. The last photo shows the area at the end of the session.

1.5 hours

Sixth Session - June 23, 2006

Today was the last regular session for this piece. Shannon finished coloring inthe mushroom cloud. As always, it was great fun getting tattooed on the ribs, but the Bactine Trick worked wonders. Now we will just do one short touch-up session and it will be done.

1.5 hours