Nota Bene: This resume is posted for informational purposes only. I'm not actively looking for a job right now. My current job is very satisfying, as well as being great fun.

Stanley Martin Schwarz  
Pasadena, CA Click here for email

Professional Experience:
3/95-present Honeywell-USGS Southern California Seismic Network Contract
System Administrator Pasadena, CA
  • System administrator for the Southern California Seismic Network earthquake detection and analysis computers.
  • Install, configure and maintain Solaris, FreeBSD, and Linux.
  • Install and maintain Sparc and Intel-based hardware.
  • Run Apache web servers with PHP and MySQL for USGS and SCSN projects.
  • Monitor web server traffic and computer load after earthquakes for capacity planning.
  • Set up and administer electronic mailing list servers to provide rapid notification of earthquakes to emergency management agencies and the public.
  • MySQL administration and programming.
  • Administer USGS LAN on Ethernet over copper and fiber.
  • Program in C, Perl, PHP, HTML, and unix shell scripts.

2/91-2/95 State of Texas, Department of Information Resources
Network Specialist Austin, TX
  • Managed Ethernet and FDDI-based network with DECnet, TCP/IP, AppleTalk and Novell.
  • System manager for the VMS Cluster system used for network management.
  • Configured and supported terminal servers, Ethernet hubs, and routers.
  • Experienced with system administration for BSD Unix on Intel platforms and DEC OSF/1 on the Alpha.
  • Programmed in VAX/VMS C, Macro, and DCL, and C.

7/87-2/91 Hughes Aircraft Company, Radar Systems Group
Programmer/Analyst El Segundo, CA
  • Performed All-In-1 customization programming, including forms, scripts and DCL procedures.
  • Responsible for All-In-1 electronic mail support.
  • Administered System 1032 database used for equipment inventory and billing.
  • Supported SNA Gateway, including Message Router to PROFS.
  • Assisted with system manager duties, user support and training.
  • Programmed in All-In-1 script, System 1032, VAX/VMS DCL and FORTRAN.

8/85-7/87 McDonnell Douglas Unigraphics
CAD/CAM Programmer Cypress, CA
  • Developed terminal and plotter interfaces for Unigraphics II CAD/CAM package.
  • Programmed in VAX/VMS FORTRAN and DCL.

7/84-7/85 Integrated Software Systems Corporation
Software Engineer San Diego, CA
  • Developed graphic device interfaces for DISSPLA and TELL-A-GRAF software packages.
  • Handled customer support and vendor relations.
  • Programmed in VAX/VMS FORTRAN and DCL.

7/82-7/84 McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company
Engineer/Scientist Huntington Beach, CA
  • Performed computer modeling of nuclear weapons radiation effects.
  • Programmed in CDC FORTRAN.

Rice University
Baccalaureate in Physics
May, 1982

References furnished on request